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Entrepreneurs and young professionals from Mexico and Israel engage in a 3-month program composed of a workshop, a virtual acceleration phase, and a final pitch event. Teams are guided throughout the program by highly skilled mentors to create tailored solutions for the proposed challenges of our partner companies.

The program is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in Mexico

Startup Mexico

Position Mexico as a bridge of innovation and economic engine between Latin America and the most developed markets, allowing entrepreneurial projects in the region to reach financial opportunities in more mature ecosystems, as well as innovation from more developed markets through Mexico to Latin America.


Established in early 2015 by a group of young students and graduates alongside industry figures, Tech7 is an umbrella organization aiming to unify the technological-entrepreneurial community in Beer-Sheva and the south. With over 10,000 followers through Facebook, Meetup and other social networks, we’re proud to be the largest tech community in Beer-Sheva.

The companies



● Students and graduates from universities and colleges nationwide
● Availability for the workshops and time commitment during the program
● Entrepreneurial mindset
● Full Commitment to the program
● Team players
● Fluency in English
● Great communication skills



● Project management skills

● Team leaders

● Professional experience

● Experience with multicultural work

● Working in big companies/corporate environment

● Command of Hebrew / Spanish

Participants do not have to pay any fees. However, to ensure the success of the program, the participants which pass after the matching phase must sign an agreement to fully participate throughout the activities. If you drop out midway, you have to pay back to the program 100 USD, including lecturers, mentoring, and international networking fee respectively.

Each team will be working on a challenge of one of our company partners. A mentor from the company will be your go-to person for questions and guidance, and one Mexican and one Israeli coach will be assigned for each team to help you along the way.

Each team has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 members, including Mexican and Israeli participants. If your team has a member drop out midway and does not guarantee the minimum number of participants in each team, your team will be disqualified from the program.

We will screen applicants and interview candidates. Only candidates who meet the program’s criteria will be joined in this acceleration program. Since this is an international program, fluent English is required.

● Email: noemi.castillo@startupmexico.com (In Mexico)

● Email: gate7@tech7.org.il (In Israel)

Program Timeline

Application phase
Registration | Interviews

10/04 - 07/05

Matching & Grouping


16/05 - 18/05


23/05 - 08/08

Demo Day

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